Stew Leonard's grocery expert warns not to stockpile, says supply chain issues to ease

Shipping delays are making some products harder to find at your local grocery store and driving up prices on others, but grocery experts at Stew Leonard's are telling customers not to stockpile.
Shoppers across the U.S. have reported trouble when trying to find paper goods and other everyday items. Stew Leonard's chief merchandising officer Paul McClean says in the grocery business, it pays to have long relationships with suppliers who can warn you about trouble coming down the pike.
He says there's no need for stockpiling, but if there's something you can't go without, you might want to pick it up early.
"There might be some tight spots on some luxury items, like king crab and maybe some red meat items. But in general, we're seeing some relief and product is flowing in more frequently right now," he says. "So, the key is don't panic but don't wait to the last minute for some of these key items at the holidays. Your turkey, your beef roasts and things like that. Get them early, you can freeze them."
McClean says he expects the delays to continue into early 2022.
President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that Walmart, Best Buy and other retail giants have committed to move products during off-peak hours.