Still no ruling in Bridgeport absentee ballot case

A judge was expected to announce Wednesday whether Bridgeport will get a new primary election, but it may not be announced until at least Thursday.
The delay is because the plaintiffs want to introduce some 200 absentee ballot applications they say are rife with errors. They say some of them are duplicate ballots and others have incorrect names or addresses.
A Wednesday filing alleges the same signature was used for multiple people and cases in which signatures did not match the applicant's name. A judge will decide Thursday morning whether to allow these ballots to be introduced into the trial. City attorneys say they have not had time to review these new allegations.
What they're trying to prove is that there was some sort of miscount in the race that caused state Sen. Marilyn Moore to lose the primary to Mayor Joe Ganim. Ganim won the race by 270 votes.
The election official in charge of that race testified Wednesday that some of those mistakes were just typos.
"That Sept. 28 date is incorrect. That was a data entry error," said Christina Resto, assistant town clerk. "In that email sent out Sept. 12, that date was already on there, which means that that number is transposed."
To call a whole new election, the judge is going to have find that these absentee ballots were so flawed that the outcome of the race is in doubt.