Stolen dog returned to owner after first being bought by New Haven woman

A stolen dog named Leo was reunited with its owner after first being bought by a a woman in New Haven, who reunited it with its owner.
Police say the woman paid $500 for the pilfered pup before seeing posters put up by Leo's owner, Emanuel Castillo.
She gave Castillo a call and returned the dog to him.
Leo was taken Thursday after Castillo left him in his car with it running to keep the air conditioner going.
Castillo thought he'd only be a minute, but thieves jumped in the car and drove off.
Police have a message to anyone who thinks leaving their car running and unattended is a good idea.
"Never keep your car running, especially unlocked. Because there are people out there, unfortunately, that are looking for opportunities to seize on something like that," said Marilisa Anania, Milford Police Department.
Leo wasn't hurt in the ordeal.
Castillo's car was also found in New Haven and was towed to an auto body shop.