Stopping Grinch bots: New bill would prevent scalpers from reselling toys online

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is one of the authors of a bill designed to block so-called "Grinch bots" that snatch up online inventory and resell it at a high price.
For example – say you want to buy an X Box, which normally retails for around $500. You check eBay and see a seller charging more than double that price. Just like with concert tickets, scalpers have learned to use technology to monopolize popular toys and games.
The Stopping Grinch Bots Act would ban the use of bots that buy toys and games and would apply to the websites that resell them at sky high prices – something that has made this shopping season even more challenging.
"The scalpers and scammers who snap up these toys with automated buying are way ahead of parents who have been through a trying year and are just trying to bring a little brightness," said Blumenthal.
This bill would not become law in time for this holiday season, but Blumenthal says he is sending a warning out to these scalpers that they are being noticed.