Store owners across the Hudson Valley frustrated over supply problems

Empty shelves at stores across the Hudson Valley are becoming a frustrating sight for not only customers but also for business owners trying to make money.
Patrick Boland owns Stone Gate Wine and Spirits in Valhalla where the sales boom from the early days of the pandemic has given way to a supply bust.
"Would you pay $80 for a $40 wine?" says Boland. "I don't think so."
Economic analyst Caleb Silver with Investopedia says the problem is two-fold. Silver says massively increased demand by consumers plus problems getting shipping containers off cargo ships mixed with a lack of truckers is adding to the problem.
"What we are seeing is the perfect storm," says Silver. "Some of these supply chain issues are going to be resolved relatively quickly in the next couple months, especially the nondurable goods."
President Joe Biden just cleared the way for workers at the Port of Los Angeles to work 24-7 to cut down on the backlog. That should mean fewer empty shelves at the grocery store. However, items such as cars, toys, tires and even liquor are expected to be backlogged for months.
Boland says Thanksgiving is coming and he has no idea what will be available on his shelves.