Storm adds to erosion of Soundview Drive in Rocky Point

People who live in the area tell News 12 the road has been gone about 80% since January.

Krista McNally

Apr 4, 2024, 4:35 PM

Updated 46 days ago


A storm has added to the erosion of a road in Rocky Point.
Soundview Road has collapsed and crumbled down the cliff in front of some residents’ homes.
Yan Cheung is pleading for help after part of the road has collapsed and fallen down a 120 foot cliff on the Long Island Sound. Cheung’s home is right along the North Shore roadway, and the massive slope is now only a few feet from her retaining wall.
People who live there tell News 12 80% of the road has fallen down the cliff since January.
The private road is owned by the North Beach Property Association that released a statement saying in part “We have been in contact with all local and state agencies from the outset. This is a complicated process that requires permits and permission from various government agencies.”
Meantime, another issue residents are now facing is that they say people keep coming to the deteriorating road and walking up to the edge to look down and take pictures or cut through to the other side.
While a fence may have protected people from looking, Cheung says her home is in immediate jeopardy.
Yan Cheung says, “Look beyond the jurisdiction, look beyond the bureaucracy, someone’s life is at stake right now, someone needs to do something to help us.”

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