STORM WATCH: Heavy rain, gusty winds moving in for part of weekend

NOW & NEW: Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says it will much warmer and dry on Saturday, but windy and rainy on Sunday. Highs in the 50s tomorrow with lows in the 40s at night. With 1.5 - 3" of rain, runoff into rivers, streams and creeks may cause flooding. Street flooding is likely. All of western Connecticut is under a flood watch from Sunday afternoon through Monday.
NEXT: A strong cold front is still on track to pass through the area late Sunday into early Morning. For Western Connecticut, this could happen right after midnight. Sunday will feature mostly cloudy skies to start with hit or miss showers developing in the afternoon and through the evening. Localized downpours are possible, with more just past midnight. This will continue with stronger winds through the pre-dawn hours. On Monday, it will be in the 40s through the afternoon with drier winds, breezy and colder. Temperatures for the rest of next week will run on the cooler side with lower to middle 40s.
SATURDAY: Partly sunny. High of 54.
SUNDAY: On and off rain in the afternoon, breezy. Heavier downpours late in the evening with strongest winds closer to midnight. Mild. High of 60.
MONDAY: AM showers. Breezy, falling temps. High of 58 that should happen right after midnight. Temperatures will be in the 40s for the afternoon.
TUESDAY: Cooler, sunny. High of 45
WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny, high of 45.