STORM WATCH: Light snow showers continue in Connecticut; dangerous refreezing likely tonight

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Hilda Estevez says a large, widespread storm is engulfing the tri-state today, evening overnight and exiting tomorrow morning.

Hilda Estevez

Jan 7, 2024, 12:06 PM

Updated 199 days ago


Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Hilda Estevez says a slushy mess will impact roadways today. Expect another round of light snow showers this morning, and dangerous refreezing is likely tonight.
NEW & NOW: Winter storm tracking and approaching by lunchtime. Large, widespread storm, engulfing Tri-State today, evening overnight, exiting tomorrow morning. Rain across south-central Jersey, slim mixing line transition to snow across north and west. Last push of light snow showers is expected tomorrow morning near 10AM. Gradual clearing afterwards.
NEXT: Next weather headache features significant rain totals and widespread flooding. Major concern over rivers, creeks and recently flooded communities to see the same again Tue - Wed.
TODAY & TONIGHT: Snow is on the ground especially in Litchfield Co., where we received the most snow totals from the winter storm. Approximately 6" near Warren and surround communities. Coastal communities have started to notice melting in progress. Big slushy mess this morning is expected as temps surpassing freezing mark. Travel impacts will continue north of Merritt and I-84. Brief passing, light snow showers around 8AM are possible, yet no major accumulations anticipated. Gradual clearing this afternoon. Clear night skies, colder aur will refreeze some slush and wet roads overnight. Highs near 30-37. Overnight lows near 29-33.
MONDAY: Quiet and thankfully dry. Highs near 43. Overnight lows near 28-30.
TUESDAY/STORM WATCH: Another round of significant rain and flooding across CT, Tri-State, CT in the afternoon. This is poised to bring 2 - 3.5"+across flood prone and low laying areas. This system sets up and stays until Wednesday. Highs near 41-46. Overnight lows near 28-31.
WEDNESDAY/STORM WATCH: Rain lingers into morning. Clearing late. Highs near 52. Overnight lows near 39.
And Saturday... could feature our next big storm!

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