Stranded hatchling diamondback terrapin brought to Maritime Aquarium

A stranded hatchling diamondback terrapin turtle was delivered to the Maritime Aquarium after being rescued, aquarium officials say. 
Barrett Christie, director of Animal Husbandry, says once the turtles are handled, it makes it difficult to return them to their natural habitat.
"We're glad that people are concerned for the welfare of turtles as they find them, but it's important to know what to do and what not to do."
Christie says the terrapin is listed in Connecticut as a 'Species of Special Concern,' and is the state's only turtle that spends its life in the brackish waters of Long Island Sound's tidal rivers and marshes.
She says people may help turtles across the road in the direction they are headed, but without putting themselves at risk.
She says the same rules apply to fresh-water turtles too, but never snapping turtles.
Christie recommends gently nudging snapping turtles across the road with a stick until they move in the direction they are heading.