Stratford businesses' electric bills skyrocket with new UI rates

After United Illuminating?s (UI) 25 percent rate hike went into effect a month ago, many Stratford business owners say their bills have skyrocketed.
John Paggeas, the owner of Jerry?s Shakespeare Pizza, says business is great but his electric bill isn?t. Paggeas says his bill is now $280 more than it used to be. Paggeas adds that the higher electric rate could mean higher prices for his customers. However, Paggeas says he doesn't want to be forced to raise his prices.
Meanwhile, next door to Jerry?s, the owner of Mister P?s bar says he is now opening four hours later two days a week to save on his electric bill. He adds that he won?t close up shop and would rather keep the lights low to save money.
UI officials say they do have programs that can help small businesses be more energy efficient.