Stratford fire officials launch program to help hearing impaired

The Stratford Fire Department has launched a program to help hearing impaired residents become aware if a fire breaks out inside their homes.  
Stratford officials will now offer 240 devices for hearing impaired residents through their Flash Shake and Awake program.
The devices come in a kit that is installed underneath the resident's mattress and vibrates and flashes when a smoke detector inside the home is activated.  
Stratford Assistant Fire Chief Robert Daniel has been part of the fire marshal's office for nearly 20 years, and he says sometimes homes aren't equipped with the proper tools to keep people safe especially those who are hearing impaired.
"If they're sleeping, they're not going to be aware of a fire potentially in their apartment," he says.
The kits were made available to Stratford officials thanks to a grant from FEMA.
The program started about a week ago and firefighters have given kits to a dozen hearing impaired residents so far, including a 13-year-old boy.