Stratford launches campaign to vaccinate homebound seniors

Stratford has started to vaccinate homebound seniors against COVID-19.

News 12 Staff

Mar 1, 2021, 6:17 PM

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Stratford has started to vaccinate homebound seniors against COVID-19.  
"Whenever something new came up, they had to pivot on a dime. They had to react, but they had to coordinate," Mayor Laura Hoydick says.  
The town has launched Operation Homeward Bound, a collaborative effort among the Stratford Health and Public Safety departments, as well as with Stratford Emergency Medical Service and Stratford Senior Services.
Hoydick says 10 homebound seniors have been vaccinated so far and around 30 seniors are in need of the service, but the list is expected to grow.
Appointments are made in advance, and two teams of nurses and an EMS member visit the seniors' homes to administer their shot.
The team says they follow the same protocols as clinics and wait with the seniors for 15 minutes after they get their shot.
"We have all the necessary stuff in case of any complications, any anaphylaxis. We have all the medications necessary to start treating that," Stratford EMS workers say.
Stamford just launched a similar program, and Bridgeport recently started vaccinating homebound seniors too.

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