Stratford mom of 6 evicted from home of 15 years while hospitalized

Terrie Newton is among the thousands in Connecticut facing eviction in the wake of the pandemic.

News 12 Staff

Jul 10, 2022, 4:43 PM

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A mother of six is being evicted from her Stamford home while she's been hospitalized after a near-fatal aneurysm.  
Terrie Newton, 52, is among the thousands in Connecticut facing eviction in the wake of the pandemic. She's lived in her home as a renter for 15 years. She was told the home had been sold and she was being evicted. 
Newton explained she always paid her rent on-time, paying up t$3,000 for rent. 
“My kids, you know, had to do without,” Newton said. 
As local, state and federal protections that shielded renters during the pandemic begin to vanish, an eviction crisis is gripping the state. 
Newton said she is speaking out because the system needs to change. People who are facing a health crisis should not be forced out of their home and should be protected.
Newton’s mother, Lynette Mataldi, said what happened to her daughter and grandchildren is not fair. 
“It’s just not fair that she was given a three-day notice right after she came out of the hospital,” Mataldi said. 
Newton is living with a relative right now but has a Section 8 voucher and is looking for a three-bedroom apartment. Though her credit slipped slightly while she was in the hospital, Newton said she just needs a landlord willing to understand and appreciate the decades of good credit she had before being admitted into the hospital. 
“I’m living in hope right now – faith, you know – that somebody’s going to help us,” Newton said.
A GoFundMe has been set up to help Newton. If you wish to donate, follow this link.

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