Stratford police: Bridgeport dad abused baby, broke ribs at motel

A Bridgeport man is accused of abusing his infant son, leaving him with bruising to his stomach and back, internal injuries, and several broken ribs, according to the man’s arrest warrant. Stratford police arrested Luis Companiony, 21, on charges of assault and risk of injury to a child.
Police said they began investigating on July 23 after a caller reported her sister’s baby was at Bridgeport Hospital due to suspected abuse by his father. The incident happened earlier that day at the Honeyspot Motor Lodge, according to Companiony’s warrant. It said Companiony and his girlfriend had the baby with them at the time when the couple got into a fight. Companiony’s girlfriend initially told the child’s mother, aunts and her own friends that Companiony threw his son onto the bed and kicked him, the warrant stated. It also included messages that appeared to confirm that story, though police said the girlfriend later denied Companiony had anything to do with his son’s injuries.
The infant was transferred to Yale New Haven Hospital for care. Medical records obtained by police noted staff suspected abuse by blunt force trauma. Police arrested Companiony on Sept. 6 during a motor vehicle stop and set bond at $100,000. He’s due back in court Oct. 26.
Court records show Companiony has other pending cases involving gun charges, assault, and violation of a protective order.