Stratford Police Department to offer ID cards for residents with special needs

The Stratford Police Department is offering ID cards for residents with special needs to help officers better assist them in case of an emergency.
The department says the identification cards will allow individuals to identify themselves while also letting officers know that they may have special needs. 
​Similar to the ​State of Connecticut's Blue Envelope Program for individuals with Autism, the Stratford ID card was designed to enhance communication for all parties. 
Each card has a special, unique QR code as well as an ID number and PIN code that can be scanned to get the card bearer’s information as well as to alert a loved one that they may be in trouble.
Should the bearer of the card lose the card, the QR code as well as ID and PIN number can be disabled to protect the bearer’s information. A new QR code can be activated without losing any information.
For more information about the program, Stratford police say contact Officer Sharnick at or Officer DeJesus subject line "PAL ID" or click here.