Stratford police share video, new details in recent shooting

On Franklin Avenue, you can hear church bells chime every 15 minutes. But last Friday just before 6 p.m., something else rang out near the intersection with Benjamin Street.
“At first, I didn't think it was shots. Then I realized it was shots,” said Ernest Seabrook, who lives on the block. “We started hearing the sirens coming and stuff like that, and then the police showed up.”
Stratford police found four shell casings from what they believe was a 9 mm handgun and learned a house had been hit, according to Lt. Robert Burroughs.
“It looks like it looks like it was a stray bullet. It doesn't look as if the house was the intended target,” Burroughs told News 12. “There was someone in the house, but no one got struck. No one got injured.”
Burrows said witnesses told police after the shots, a loud moped drove off, and they saw three people run away.
Police released video from a security camera that appears to show three young men run into a driveway, then walk away. They're calling them suspects and asked for help from the public in identifying them.
“We're hoping it's just isolated. We're not sure if it's gang-related. But we are confident we'll find those that are involved and responsible,” Burroughs stated.
Seabrook said the incident was concerning as a dad to young children. “It is because, you know, any other day my kids would’ve been out here riding a bike or their scooters,” he said.
Another neighbor told News 12 there's never been a shooting on the block in her 17 years there, but it was only a matter of time.
“Nothing surprises me because this is going on everywhere,” said Maria Reyes. Even so, she added, “my neighborhood is good.”
Seabrook echoed that. “I still think that it’s a nice neighborhood, still quiet. It definitely brings more attention to home security and cameras and things like that,” he said.
Anyone with information can call the anonymous tip line at 203-385-8477 or email Detective Santoro at