Stratford protesters say no to carbon emission-cutting proposal, citing gas price hikes

A group of protesters in Stratford rallied against a potential gas price increase Thursday, an environmental proposal that Republicans in the state don't support.
The Transportation and Climate Initiative Program would limit how much carbon fuel suppliers put in the air and making them financially responsible for the pollution they create -- that could increase the price of fuel for drivers.
The proposal would cut greenhouse gases by 26% over the next decade and the price hike would hit consumers by 2023, when the program kicks in.
Republicans are calling it a gas tax. The increase would be an additional 5-17 cents a gallon.
"We need to bring this forward because, like I said, this is a regressive tax that hits the middle and lower income very hard," Sen. Kevin Kelly said. "And what's most disconcerting is that it's being done in the name of a climate incentive to reduce greenhouse gas."
"Typical divisive scare tactics by Republicans," said Senate Majority leader Bob Duff. "They are out of ideas, have presented no budget of their own and have no viable solutions to fix our transportation infrastructure. Democrats want to fix our roads, bridges, rails and do it with a cleaner environment in mind for our children."