Stratford Public Works: Can't pre-treat roads in rain, waiting until temps drop Friday

Public works departments across Connecticut are preparing for the possibility of ice on the roads Friday morning as a storm is set to move in.
Stratford Public Works Director Raynae Serra says the danger could come as the temperature of the pavement catches up with the temperature of the air, bringing possible flash freezing on the roads, especially once the sun goes down.
Public works trucks are already loaded with salt and sand, but Serra says crews will have to wait until the temperature drops Friday to start treating the roads.
"It's pouring rain leading up to it and any material you put down on the roads will just wash away, so it's ineffective," said Serra.
Experts at AAA say caution is key if you have to take your car on icy roads.
"If you are heavy on the foot, you're going to end up in a ditch, a snowbank or you're possibly going to collide with someone else," said AAA Northeast spokesman Frank Mayko.
Mayko says if you do start to skid, the worst thing you can do is slam on the brakes.
"Ease off the accelerator and really steer your car with the hopes that your wheels are going to gain traction again," said Mayko.
Public works is encouraging residents not to drive at all if they don't have to.
"The longer you're off the roads gives us more opportunity to be able to travel up and down and treat the roads," said Serra.