Stratford woman recalls moment when water from Ida burst through her garage

A Stratford woman is tallying up all the repair expenses she has incurred after a 4-foot wave invaded her home during Ida.
Susan Wilchinsky says the water smashed through her garage door, damaging memories such as her mom's wedding album.
"I kept hearing the sound of metal twisting and I was like, 'where is that coming from,'" says Wilchinsky.
Wilchinsky says the water went into her basement and then the door burst - allowing water to rush up the stairs. She says she grabbed her purse, shoes and computer and went upstairs in her home to call 911.
Wilchinksy says she is left with thousands of dollars' worth of damage and doesn't know what she would do if it happened again.
Neighbors say they think a decades-old storm drain project made the area more flood prone.