Stratford teachers, parents protest town’s proposed school budget

Stratford parents, students and teachers held a rally at Town Hall Monday against the town’s proposed school budget.
A rally organized by the teacher union was followed up by a public forum and then a council meeting.
The protesters say the town's proposed budget for schools is inadequate and that they would like to see a substantially higher number.
“The board is requesting 4.57%, the mayor is proposing a 2.5% increase,” says Stratford Education Association President Mike Fiorello.
The superintendent has said the smaller number could mean layoffs or even school closures as well as larger class sizes.
However, supporters of the proposed budget say they believe the potential fallout is being exaggerated.
“Insisting management, not money, is key,” says Kerry Whitham, of the Zoning Board of Appeals. “Every year we give more and more and more, and we are still underperforming. Throwing money at this is not going to fix it.”
The committee voted to send the proposed budget with the smaller number to the full council, which is scheduled to take it up on Wednesday.