Stratford teachers weigh furloughs vs. layoffs

<p>More than 40 Stratford teachers could face layoffs at the end of the month.</p>

News 12 Staff

Jan 3, 2018, 7:38 PM

Updated 2,334 days ago


More than 40 Stratford teachers could face layoffs at the end of the month.
The union met Tuesday to decide to vote once again on a plan that could save 43 jobs. It would require all teachers to take off two unpaid days this school year in exchange.
Initially, the union voted the idea down, but members will reconsider it Friday.
If the vote fails, Superintendent Janet Robinson says the cuts would take place at the end of January, before the next semester. Affected teachers would receive notice Monday. 
Either the furloughs or the layoffs would compensate for $700,000 in midyear budget cuts. Unions for the district's administrators, janitors and secretaries have already accepted the proposal.
Teachers have held out so far because they say it would set a precedent: Whenever the town is in trouble, officials would turn to school cuts.
Union representatives say they have no idea which way the vote will go Friday.
A list of teachers who would potentially face layoffs is circulating on social media, but Robinson says it could change because teachers with seniority could bump others from positions they're also qualified for.

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