Stratford teen bitten by 2 dogs while walking dog

A 13-year-old Stratford boy was bitten on the face and arm in an attack by two American bulldogs.
Stacey Hairston says he was walking his own dog, named Mombo, when the incident happened Saturday night on South Avenue.
Hairston says the two dogs came out of nowhere and began attacking him. Neighbors say they believe the dogs live in a house on South Avenue and say they have been a constant problem.
The teen says he was bitten and scratched on the face and arm while holding Mombo above his head so his dog would not be bitten.
Hairston was transported to Bridgeport Hospital, where he received 20 stitches in his arm and three stitches on his face.
The owner of the two dogs tells News 12 that animal control will be picking up the dogs.
His mother tells News 12 Hairston is traumatized by the attack and could not go to school Monday.
Police say animal control is investigating.