Stratford Veterans Museum celebrates local veterans all month long

A Stratford museum is putting on a Veteran's Day display to honor those who served.
Sharing stories and appreciating veterans is what the founder of Stratford Veterans Museum says it is all about.
"This brings to life the veterans, their stories and their pictures, which is better than just names," said Bill O'Brien, founder of Stratford Veterans Museum.
There are currently 25 banners strung up along Main Street in honor of the veterans, five of whom are World War II veterans that live in the area. The other 20 are purple hearts.
O'Brien says the reaction to the banners lining the street has been emotional for veteran families.
"I think we especially want to inspire young kids to appreciate what veterans have done," he said.
He shared stories with News 12 about his own experience.
"A missile went over my head," he said. "I jumped into the pit. I did play dead, and I was so dead looking, you'd think I was a movie star or something like that."
World War II veteran Capt. Jim Morgia stood proudly under his banner Wednesday. The 100-year-old has written three books, is a chemist, has five children and was married to the love of his life for 66 years until she died in 2018. His says his secret is simple - be nice to people and help each other.
"If they're feeling good and they're making you feel good, that's the best feeling in the whole world, everybody should make everybody else feel good. If you can't say something good or something like that, don't say it," said Morgia.
Veteran's Day is this Friday. The Stratford Veterans Museum will be celebrating their 1-year anniversary this Sunday.