Stratford Zoning Commission rejects electric vehicle charging plan

Stratford drivers waiting for more places to charge their electric vehicles will have to wait a little longer. The Stratford Zoning Commission voted last week to reject Volta's charging plan to install four free-to-use chargers at The Dock shopping center.
Electric vehicle drivers say the only downside is finding a place to grab a charge. Drivers paying to charge up at the Electrify America chargers on Barnum Avenue cutoff say free chargers from Volta have been a convenience in towns like Norwalk and Fairfield.
Planning and Zoning officials say while Stratford drivers do need additional solutions for EV charging, Volta's answer would have involved making permanent changes to town rules.
Like all Volta chargers, the four proposed units at The Dock would have included a large LED screen with animated ads that help to pay for the free charging. Stratford Planning and Zoning are avoiding electronic signage at local businesses.
Electric vehicle drivers say the convenience would outweigh the eyesore.
Planning and Zoning is looking for other ways to keep electric vehicles charged in town.
The zoning commission's vote came in at 5-1 against Volta's proposal.