Streaming this weekend: The Suicide Squad, Val, Mr. Corman, Cooking with Paris, Vivo, Elmo's puppy

If you are looking to watch something new, this is what is streaming this weekend:
"The Suicide Squad" has an A list cast including Margot Robbe, John Cena, Idris Elba and Pete Davidson. They play DC comic characters on a suicide mission in the reboot with James Gunn at the directorial helm. The anticipated action adventure film premieres on HBO Max Friday.
It’s a documentary on the life of Val Kilmer, told through the many home movies he took over the course of his career. "Val" debuts on Amazon Prime Video tomorrow.
Joseph Gordon Levitt returns to television as the creator, writer, star, executive producer and director of "Mr. Corman." The dramedy is on Apple TV Plus Friday.
Paris Hilton will be joined by her famous friends in the kitchen - "Cooking with Paris" is new on Netflix.
"Vivo" is the long-awaited animated adventure movie musical starring and featuring original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It premieres on Netflix Friday.
Tango is Elmo’s new puppy! She’ll be introduced in a 30-minute animated special called "Furry Friends Forever: Elmo Gets a Puppy." It debuts today on HBO Max.