Super Bowl-bound: Quinnipiac University team will head to L.A.

Quinnipiac University doesn’t have a football team, but the college is still headed to the Super Bowl. Ability Media, a program in the communications school, scored credentials for the big game.
“In simple terms, it's crazy and exciting,” said Quinnipiac Senior AJ Roberts, who’s going to the big game.
“It's just such a great opportunity,” added William Dean, another student with Ability Media.
“You know, I didn't think I could pull it off,” said adjunct professor Dave Stevens, who heads up Ability Media. “Ability Media is the concept that people with disabilities, seen and unseen, should have an opportunity to work in media.”
The program partners with Quinnipiac's student-run TV station to produce content that shares a different perspective.
“I have ADHD and anxiety. They're unseen, but they're still there,” Roberts told News 12.
“People need representation,” said Dean, a senior journalism major. “I myself don't have a disability, but my mom had cancer a few years back, and she had to go around in a wheelchair. And it was just eye-opening.”
Stevens knows about that firsthand. He was born without legs.
“I decided to turn my disability into my ability, which led to me playing sports. I wrestled, I played baseball and football in high school. I'm the only legless player to play college football,” said Stevens.
He's well-known in the sports media world, having worked in television for 38 years, 20 of them with ESPN where he won seven Emmys. That reputation led to this opportunity for Quinnipiac.
“We get to take six students, another professor and my myself. We have two wounded veterans that are going to be a part of our group, and we're going to make TV, do reports, be live, talk to the stars,” explained Stevens.
They'll be right on “Radio Row” along with media outlets from across the country. For Stevens, it’ll be his 26th Super Bowl, but this one is special. It’s his first in a coaching roll.
“It's going to be great for me to watch it through their eyes. This gives me that chance to really fulfill a purpose and to teach and to guide. They're my team,” said Stevens.
Ability Media will be producing content all week. You’ll be able to check it out on the group’s website and social media.