Supply chain backlog causes delays, price spikes for car parts

A shipping backlog that has ports on the West Coast working overtime is resulting in souped-up prices for car repairs in Connecticut.
Mechanics at Maier's Garage in Bridgeport say the supply chain delays are causing prices to go up on certain supplies and parts, while other items are getting harder to find.
“There's not a lot you can do,” said owner Robert Maier. “You're kind of at your supplier's mercy."
Maier says a long relationship with a good supplier is important, but he believes everyone will feel the pinch before the end of the year. He says while some in-demand parts are taking longer to deliver, prices are skyrocketing on items like windshield wiper fluid and batteries, which are up 30%.
Maier says it's hard to predict which parts, items and supplies will be affected. His best advice for customers waiting for a part is to just be patient.