Supply chain issues, delays could last into next year. Here’s what it means for your holiday season shopping

There are a number of factors to create such high demand right now. On the positive side at our ports in New Jersey, anchor times of ships waiting to unload are far less than what the west coast is experiencing.
Larger ships bringing more containers create issues further down the supply chain. Demand is up 20% since the start of the pandemic due to spending habits.
Delays in the region stem from wholesalers unable to unload cargo into storage facilities, which then creates a backlog for truck drivers, according to deputy director of the Port Authority, Bethann Rooney.
“There's a shortage of truck drivers,” says Rooney. “We have more trucks running today than the beginning of the pandemic. However, we go back to the 20% increase in cargo, we have not had a 20% increase in truck drivers.”
Rooney says holiday items for sale have already arrived and are waiting to end up on shelves. She's confident we will not be denied a Christmas morning.
The message from retailers remains the same -- whether you shop at big box stores like Walmart, or local mom and pop gift centers, if you see something on the shelves you like, don't wait -- buy it now.