Support groups bring help to patients via webconference applications

People struggling with addiction may have a hard time finding help in the days of social distancing so support groups have found a way to stay connected through online meetings.
Just as many of us are working from home, support groups and 12-step programs are helping addicts connect via Zoom and other webconference applications.
Gail Paige-Bowman, a clinical social woker in Norwalk, says meetings like AA are being canceled all across the country.
She says many patients would be losing their safety net if it wasn't for the internet.
Paige-Bowman says one of the most important things when struggling with drugs or alcohol is just sharing with people who you know will understand.
"To support, to encourage, to give another perspective if you will. That's what AA was built on, one person helping another," saysPaige-Bowman.
Paige-Bowman says nothing is the same as face-to-face, however, she says it will take more than a pandemic to knock you off your path to recovery as long as the first step to getting help is taken.
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