Swarm of bees turns BX apartment into hive

The apartment of one Bronx resident has been invaded by a swarm of bees, and the man wants something to be done to rid him of the unwelcome guests.
Edwin Miranda, who is still on medication after recently undergoing chemotherapy, has to deal with the pain of being stung by the bees that took up residence in his East 184th Street apartment.
?My immune system is low, and I get tired and nauseous with the smell,? Miranda says.
According to Miranda, his is the only unit in the building that is infested by the insects. The bees were previously living outside in a crevice, which was sealed up by the superintendent of the building, thus leading the buzzing invaders into Miranda?s home.
Miranda says he contacted the management office about the bee problem and was told that an exterminator will be sent to rid him of the flying pests, but that never happened, he says.
?I want to see the bees out of my house,? Miranda says. ?That?s my apartment, I pay rent - the bees don?t.?
Miranda says he can no longer stand the persistent buzzing of the bees that is keeping him up at night, further compromising his health.
A representative of the management office was not immediately available for comment.