RESULTS: Ganim declares victory in the Bridgeport mayoral election

Joe Ganim declared victory in the race for Bridgeport mayor. John Gomes conceded. Click or tap here for complete results.

Frank Recchia, Justin DeVellis and Nicole Alarcon Soares

Feb 28, 2024, 1:49 PM

Updated 88 days ago


Joe Ganim declared victory Tuesday night in the race for Bridgeport mayor. John Gomes conceded.
It ends months of drama that has unfolded since ballot stuffing in the first Democratic mayoral primary.
"Thank you for coming out in the middle of February to humble me with this resounding victory," Ganim said. "This will be the energy I need to continue to do the work for you to make this the greatest city that we can."
"We understand our journey has ended with this election, but the fight and the movement will continue. I will let every voter and elected official interpret it as such. We know the facts, we understand what has happened. Our movement will continue," said Gomes.
Candidates on the ballot included incumbent Democrat Joe Ganim, Republican David Herz, and John Gomes, an independent.
There had been two primaries and one general election, which didn't count.
A judge ordered a do-over primary election after videos surfaced of Ganim supporters stuffing absentee ballot boxes.
City officials said voter turnout across the board was about the same as it was five weeks ago.

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