Taxi drivers not faring well at the pump

The cost of gasoline has jumped as much as 20 cents a gallon in just the past couple of days, and drivers, especially cabbies, are feeling the squeeze. Eugene Poteau has been a taxi driver for 10 years. The recent hike in gas prices has him frustrated and concerned about his finances.?Not only do I not make the money I used to make but I have to pay the gas price, so it?s not worth it,? says Poteau. Eveready Taxi and Limousine owner Vitto Bochichio says one solution to help cover the high cost of fuel would be for drivers to raise the surcharge, but he says it will just create more problems for his business. ?The driver doesn't really gain on a surcharge, the fares go up, they do less rides and the consumer looks for a cheaper way to go,? says Bochichio. Calls to the Department of Transportation about the possibility of a surcharge hike were not returned.