Teachers: Toquam Magnet School in need of immediate repairs

Teachers at Toquam Magnet School in Stamford held a meeting Tuesday to discuss the school they say is in need of immediate repairs.
More than a dozen teachers filed into the Department of Education meeting in Stamford and many of them expressed their concerns.
Gean Sempertegui says there are blatant problems in the classrooms. He has been there for five years and says there are leaks, exposed piping and mold.
Sempertegui says the mold is affecting the health of students and teachers. Several teachers claimed they get frequent headaches, sore throats and sinus infections.
Sempertegui added the district has put in a mold remediation task force that has been working on the building for the past year. But he is concerned about the long-term health risks exposure to the mold could pose.
News 12 requested a comment from the superintendent but have not heard back.
The president of the schools did announce the city is committing to rebuilding Toquam at its current location but did not offer a timeline.