Teen raises money for Alzheimer's research with hypercars show

People in Greenwich enjoyed fast cars at the Hypercar Circle charity event at the Fairview Country Club Sunday.
He may only be 15 years old, but Jared Rosenberg has already raised thousands of dollars for Alzheimer's research through two car shows in Greenwich.
"Hypercar Circle is an event where I combine my passion for cars with giving back to a great charity, the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation," Rosenberg said.
The inspiration came from his late grandfather who Rosenberg says ignited his passion for the unique, aerodynamic, lightweight vehicles. His grandfather also had Alzheimer's disease.
Lamborghinis, Ferraris and McLarens were on display outside the entrance to the Fairview Country Club.
The Rosenbergs said they wanted everyone to walk away with a new piece of information about the cars and the disease.
"I think people are learning about the different types of hypercars and super cars and it's a great networking event for owners and collectors to meet and to feel that they're giving back to a good cause," Lisa Rosenberg said.
Rosenberg says he hopes to make this an annual event and take it across the country.