Teenager charged in violent Westport carjacking back behind bars after being released on bond

A 16-year-old, charged in connection to a violent carjacking in Westport, was released on Tuesday on a $500,000 bond with a number of conditions.
According to police, he violated the conditions of his release and is back in custody with his bond raised another $250,000.
Giovanni Lopez is being tried as an adult for an attack last month. The victim was targeted and followed to his garage. He was attacked by two individuals before they stole his Aston Martin.
The incident was caught on video and later released by the Westport Police Department.
Before breaking the conditions of his bond, Lopez was on intensive probation supervision. He was not allowed to use the internet and could only leave his home for court hearings, medical appointments, religious services and school, according to the judge.
Police are still looking to arrest at least two more people in the case.