Teens accused of using aerosol cans to light fires in Fairfield as part of TikTok trend

Police in Fairfield are asking for the public's help in identifying teenagers who they say have been using aerosol cans to start fires as part of a TikTok trend.
Police say they responded to around a dozen calls this summer, mainly during the evening hours at parks and school parking lots in the Fairfield Woods and Stratfield parts of town.
Police say the teens tape items like hairspray and sunscreen cans together, then use matches or lighters to ignite them.
"We do think it's the same group, collection of kids,” Det. Jason Takacs says.
Police say they have surveillance video of the teens buying aerosol cans at local pharmacies and also in the areas of the fires. They're following up on leads to identify them.
The Fairfield Fire Marshal's Office is assisting with the investigation. Firefighters say there's been minimal property damage from the fires, but want teens to know how dangerous the TikTok trend is.
"Hands, burns to the face, airway are very possible," says Lt. Jeffrey Edmondson. "It could spread to the brush, which could then spread to buildings."
Anyone with information is asked to call the Fairfield Police Detective Bureau at 203-254-4840.