Temperatures plummet across Connecticut; tracking snow showers this week

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Mike Rizzo says temperatures will dive into the single digits on Monday morning.
Mike's Forecast: Nasty cold settles in overnight. Lows reach near 19 degrees with feel like temperatures of 5-15 degrees.
Monday will start off briefly sunny, but clouds move through ahead of the next winter storm. Although the storm comes through, it's not a bad one by any means - "pretty snowfall" is how I describe it, with light to moderate snow showers moving through Tuesday.
It may start very early, near 3 a.m. on Tuesday, and carry into the morning and early afternoon. All snow shower activity should cease just before 6 p.m. in CT with lingering clouds through Tuesday night.
MONDAY: Dangerously cold in CT. Sunny then becoming cloudy after 4 p.m. Snow approaches late at night. Highs near 26-32. Overnight lows near 13-21.
TUESDAY: Snowy day for some with small accumulations near half an inch to 2.5". Snow begins at turn of Tuesday near 1 a.m., lasting through 2 p.m. Quiet conditions follow with freezing temps overnight. Highs near 28-32. Overnight lows near 18-24.
WEDNESDAY: Frozen snow, black ice possible with temps well below freezing in the morning. Mostly sunny. Highs near 29-34. Overnight lows near 19-24.