Thanksgiving dinner will cost you up to 5% more this year

If you are planning to have all the trimmings for your Thanksgiving feast, you may want to rethink your meal plan.
The American Farm Bureau Federation says this holiday will be the most expensive yet as prices increase.
Smithtown resident Linda Ruxton was shocked to see a pound of chopped meat costs $5.99.
“You can’t buy anything anymore,” says Ruxton. “It’s very sad.”
According to the AFBF, the average cost to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner in 2020 was around $47. This year, it is expected to cost up to 5% more.
Charlie Graham stocks the shelves at Pat's Marketplace in East Northport. He says the cost of food is increasing significantly ahead of the holiday.
"Prices keep going up 20 cents, 40 cents, a lot of items are short on demand," Graham says. "Can't get no gravies, it's hit or miss."
Supply chain issues, increased transportation costs, material shortages, weather conditions, labor shortages and other pandemic -related issues are some of the reasons for the price increases.
Linda Marino, from Nesconset, is rethinking how she will prepare her turkey this year.
“I might buy a turkey breast instead of a turkey,” says Marino. “I heard that might be more cost-effective.”
If you want to save money, experts offer this advice: Shop early and stock up on what you need.
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