‘Thanksgiving miracle’ – $345K grant will keep Bridgeport school open

A Bridgeport school on the brink of closure has been saved in what some are calling "a Thanksgiving miracle." 
The Bridgeport Connecticut Center for the Arts was in danger of closing a week ago. 
The founder Amarilis Rockhill told News 12 the school received a call from city officials announcing the school will be getting $345,000 grant over a three-year period.
The grant is being funded by the American Rescue Plan.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who pushed for the funding, says it's great to see ARP dollars helping kids in Connecticut. 
The K-12 school is often described as a unique resource for kids who don't do well in other educational environments. It first opened its doors in 2005. 
Rockhill says the school has 14 students, but thanks to the emergency funding, now has six immediate openings.