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Phase 1A: Stamford begins vaccinating public safety personnel against COVID-19

The city of Stamford began vaccinating its public safety personnel today with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

News 12 Staff

Dec 24, 2020, 6:04 PM

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The city of Stamford began vaccinating its public safety personnel today with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.
It’s all part of the Phase 1A of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout.
Stamford will vaccine city employees at police headquarters with a high risk of exposure, including police, firefighters, the department of medical staff, and 911 dispatchers.
Mayor David Martin says he's glad they are able to do this for those city employees who are on the front lines, but it's incredibly important to stay vigilant, especially this holiday season.
"It's still dangerous, the coronavirus is still out there, I'm still wearing my mask, absolutely, but you know, it's getting so that we can see a little light of light at the end of this tunnel,” says Mayor Martin. “Long tunnel still."
While Mayor Martin says there is a long road ahead until the public is vaccinated, today is still a hopeful day this holiday. Sgt. Sean Scanlan and investigator Willie Guilford have been working through the pandemic.
“You never know who you're going to deal with, who’s sick, who’s not, if you're going to bring it home, so I think it's very important for them to get it and have the immunizations done,” says Sgt. Scanlan
Today, they were two of the first ones in line to receive their first vaccine. They said it was painless.
Mayor Martin, who is not eligible to be vaccinated yet, says about 300 city employees will be receiving the vaccine today. He also urges everyone to stay vigilant in safety, even with the injection of hope.
“This tragedy is still here,” says Mayor Martin. “Keep yourself safe, keep your family safe, if you love them or even just like them a little."
Mayor Martin expect another shipment of Moderna vaccines next week. They plan to vaccinate around 800 front-line city workers. Gov. Ned Lamont says Pfizer is planning on doubling its supply of vaccines to the U.S., but it's not clear just how many Connecticut will get. So far, the state has vaccinated more than 16,000 people, mostly in hospitals.

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