The Download: Planet Buddies

There is a pair of headphones for children that make listening to music and other activities a little more fun.
Planet Buddies give students their own tech product for when they are using Zoom for education or talking with their friends.
The headphones feature an animal design, and they can help kids learn about conservation.
Monica Rohleder of Planet Buddies says each product comes with a sheet of information of why the animal is endangered - and a list of ways that the child can help the environment around them.
The company is also giving back with portions of sales that go directly to groups like the World Land Trust and the Marine Conservation Society.
“Because we really want to help those organizations that are helping animals on land and on the sea,” Rohleder says.
The Planet Buddies headphones also make sure children’s hearing is protected. Volume is limited to 85 decibels, which is the level recommended by the World Health Organization.
A Bluetooth version is in the works, but Rohleder says the wired headphones are durable for use by children.
The Planet Buddies headphones start at $23.