The New Normal: Can diet and exercise help keep COVID-19 away?

News 12's Danielle Campbell was joined this morning by Dr. Roxanne Carfora, of Ageless MD, to talk about simple ways to stay healthy during COVID-19.
What is your take on the delta variant? How does it differ from the other variants?
A study recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found a potential benefit to getting the recommended amount of physical activity each week. People who exercised regularly and then tested positive for COVID-19 were less likely to experience more severe virus outcomes. How do you feel about exercise and helping us with keeping COVID at bay?
A Stamford Health report recently released findings that "a healthy diet rich in nutrient-dense foods may be considered for protection against severe COVID-19." What are some key nutrients to keep you healthy? And how should you get them?
What about whole foods diets? What is the best diet? How about superfoods such as blueberries, kale and beets?