The New Normal: COVID-19 vaccine authorization for younger children delayed. What do parents need to know?

News 12's Erin Colton was joined by Dr. Matthew Harris to talk about vaccines for children under 5.
A Food and Drug Administration panel had been scheduled to vote tomorrow on whether to recommend authorizing the vaccine for children from 6 months to 5 years old - but in a reversal on Friday, the meeting was postponed.
There are 19 million children in the United States under age 5, and they are the only group not yet eligible for vaccination. Why this pause in reviewing the data? What will this do for parents who are already on the fence and skeptical about getting the vaccine for their kids?
It's the final week of school before they go on winter break and then starts the possible process of determining if the mask mandate can be dropped in New York, as per Gov. Kathy Hochul. What do you expect will happen this week - if anything? What do parents need to know about their kids possibly going back to school without a mask?