The New Normal: How is the surge in Omicron COVID-19 cases impacting ERs? A doctor shares his experience

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined by Dr. Matthew Harris, the medical director of Northwell's COVID-19 vaccination program and a pediatric emergency medical physician, to discuss the latest surge in COVID-19 cases.
The average daily number of new COVID-19 cases in the U.S. has spiked to more than 176,000 people — the highest it's has been in nearly a year.
Harris says while the percentage of people with COVID-19 who get sick is low compared to the surge in 2020, that number is still high, and cases are flooding emergency rooms.
Long lines have been seen at testing centers across the tri-state, causing some people to go to the ER to get tested. Harris recommends against this since the ER needs to focus on seeing people who are very sick.
Many pediatric hospital admissions from COVID-19 include children under 5 years old. Since they are not eligible to be vaccinated, what can be done to help them?
If you test positive for COVID-19 and have mild symptoms, what treatment options are available without going to the hospital?
When should you get a COVID-19 booster shot?
How many COVID-19 Omicron cases are severe? What are Harris' experiences like in the emergency department?