The New Normal: Managing mental health as masking in schools evolves

New York state has filed an appeal after a judge struck down the state's mask mandate, but some school districts have made masks optional.
A New York judge ruled Monday that the state's mask mandate can't be enforced, after it was reinstituted by Gov. Kathy Hochul over concerns about a winter surge of coronavirus cases. New York State Department of Education issued a statement that schools must continue to follow the mask rule until the case is resolved.
COVID-19 has turned the world upside down for adolescents at a time meant for adventure, growth, and development.
A study of 80,000 youth around the world found symptoms of anxiety and depression had doubled during the pandemic
It’s caused anxiety for students, parents, and teachers, alike. So, what can we expect next as cases caused by the Omicron variant begin to fall?
Elizabeth Hashagen was joined by Dr. Lata McGinn, a licensed clinical psychologist and Sherri Kaplan, of Central Nassau Guidance & Counseling Services to discuss various topics concerning mental health.
How the pandemic exacerbated anxiety, depression, and OCD:
Youth development and an uncertain future: Helping anxiety starts with acceptance.
How isolation affected students returning to the classroom:
Viewer Questions: Masks, politics and keeping teachers safe: