The New Normal: Why is the delta variant spreading at this rate?

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined this morning by Dr. Sharon Nachman to talk about the delta variant and breakthrough infections.
Delta now accounts for more than 95% of COVID-positive samples tested across the state of New York, and nearly 94% of New Jersey samples.
Why is the delta variant spreading at this rate?
COVID-19 shots for children 12 and up have been available since early March, as of Aug. 15 more than 10 million kids under 18 have gotten at least one dose. Should parents talk to their pediatricians about getting their kids vaccinated?
What about the children under 12? Where do we stand when it comes to vaccination data?
When it comes to breakthrough infections - what can this vaccine do, and not do?
Scientists who study aerosols, air flow and ventilation say that much of the time, plastic barriers don't help and probably give people a false sense of security. And sometimes the barriers can make things worse. Dr. Nachman talks about the barriers below: