The Real Deal: Connecticut commuter traffic on the rising despite skyrocketing fuel prices

Commuters in Connecticut are still hitting the road despite rising fuel costs.

News 12 Staff

Jun 17, 2022, 10:04 AM

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Commuters in Connecticut are still hitting the road despite rising fuel costs.
People are eager to get out and make up for lost time during the pandemic by both cars and public transportation, according to Caleb Silver of Investopedia.  
"Commuter traffic in the month of May rose significantly, but there was about a 5% reduction in fill ups across the country," Silver says.  
Local officials say traffic and gas prices aren't deterring people from taking summer road trips.
However, local transportation officials say taking public transportation may be a better option for some.
Doug Holcomb, the CEO of Greater Bridgeport Transit, says Connecticut has plenty of summer fun accessible on the bus.
"Buses can bring people to Connecticut beaches, Seaside Park, the arenas, the Beardsley Zoo, The Discovery Museum, Metro Park and of course, shopping venues from one end of the service to the other," says Holcomb.
Holcomb says officials are seeing even more people catching a ride, especially now that the bus fares are suspended across the state.
"One of the factors influencing the ridership is the fuel and people deciding not to drive," Holcomb says.
Holcomb adds the last time gas prices spiked, officials saw a similar trend in bus ridership.  
"Historically our ridership peaked in 2014 when fuel prices were at that time approaching $4 per gallon, which at that time was shocking, so this is really unprecedented for us,” says Holcomb.

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