The Real Deal: How to save 30% on your grocery bill

The Bureau of Statistics says meat, fish and egg prices have risen a whopping 12%.
Trying to navigate the supermarket without short changing your family is no easy feat. But what if you could save up to 30% on your bill, just by changing your mindset?
One thing the pandemic has taught us is how to be resourceful. When you couldn't find something on store shelves, you had to substitute or switch your favorite brand. And that may be a good thing.
Nutritionist Jamie Feit says buying private label is not a disservice to your health, in fact, it may be a better buy.
"I think private label has cleaner ingredients because they are trying to save money on what they are producing, so they try to put as few ingredients that will be just as good," says Feit.
And private label can also be cheaper.
After crunching the numbers on 27 popular items, if we were to purchase brand name products, our bill would come to $183. The almost identical items from private label come to $130. That's a savings of $53. CLICK HERE for a list of the items to consider when grocery shopping.
Still skeptical about the quality of private label? Stew Leonard says for his stores, he looks for the best suppliers out there. "We want a product that is as good, or better, than the national brand," he says.
Many times private label brands are made at the same factories as the brand names.
If you are still not convinced, check the ingredients side by side, and don't tell your family you've made the switch - see if they notice.
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