The Real Deal: How to save on your Fourth of July celebration while having fun with the kids

The cost of your Fourth of July celebration may hit the budget a bit harder this year.
Caleb Silver, of Investopedia, says food you usually enjoy at the barbecue will cost you more.
"Basically, anything you're putting on your grill or in your grill is costing you more money,” he says. “Let's start with chicken wings, they're up 53.8% from a year ago. Propane to power that grill is up 26.5%. Hot dogs are up 10.4%, and beer - that's up 5% from a year ago.”
Parenting influencer Megan Schinella, of Camp by MaMa, has ways to save on food and get the kids involved. She suggests purchasing items from the dollar store or even using things you already have at home.
Schinella says sweet or healthy treats can also be budget friendly. She made an easy dessert with her children that includes raspberries and blueberries in a cup with whip cream as a topping.
Schinella says another money-saving option is making your own ice-pop treats.
“Use red Gatorade and blue Gatorade, and any type of mold you find in your house. You can throw them in the freezer, do different colors,” she says.
House decorations can be simple too by using paper garland and handcrafting them to look even better. Schinella’s daughter Gianna decorated her garland from the dollar store by gluing beads and pom-poms.
“You probably have a lot of these items at your home, and it's also family bonding time,” Schinella says.