The Real Deal: Labor Day hacks to save time and money

Beef prices are up 36% from last year. Sticker shock at the supermarket on just about anything makes us all figure out how not to waste food.
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman has some tips:
Condiments are a must for every barbecue, but why waste the whole bottle? Grab a muffin tin and fill. Your guests can take what they need and you can refill if empty.
Fish can stick to your grill. And when it’s in pieces, it can end up in the trash. A clever way to prevent that from happening - slice lemons and place your salmon on top. Great presentation without wasting.
Another hack for creating a non-stick surface for any meat or poultry. Cut a potato and rub on the grill. It’s the potato starch that does its magic.
No barbecue is complete without cold beer. If it’s warm, guests leave it unfinished. Here’s a cool way to keep it cold - pour water in a bowl or ice bucket. Add ice and here’s the secret - toss a cup of salt in the mix. Wait 15 minutes and your brew is ice cold! 
For a great finish? Ice cream cones. Scoop out ice cream, place in muffin tin, put a cone on top and lift.